The fundamental motto of the Business Unit Test Plan Template is to implement all the procedures documented in the Business Resumption Plan; however, during the test, this may not be possible. The Business Unit Test Plan allows a plan to be customized for testing without modifying the actual Business Resumption Plan.

The objective of this Business Test Plan Template document is to discover the sections of the plan to perform, extra tasks required for testing, and those tasks in the plan that cannot be accomplished in the way they should be because this is a test.

Additionally, the Business Unit Test Plan assists in evaluating the performance of the test by rating the results of the activities performed during the test. Rating each task demonstrates areas where the test team did really well and areas requiring attention. In addition, rating the tasks aids in ranking the overall objectives and in turn, the success of the test.

Table of Contents for Business Unit Test Plan Template

  • Test Overview
    • Plan Information
    • Test Type & Elements
    • Test Participants
    • Test Scenario
    • Test Assumptions
    • Leverage Testing
  • Test Objectives
  • Test Requirements
  • Test Script
  • Test Scoring Summary
  • Test Issues Summary

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