HIPAA Privacy Security Expert CourseCHPSE, Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert is a professionally certified training course offered for people who want to learn about HIPAA at an advanced level, like the compliance officers, the consultants, the HIPAA compliance team members, etc. It covers the HIPAA Privacy and Security Guidelines at a higher level and also includes all updates incorporated during the 2009 HITECH ARRA act.

To improve its availability and accessibility to one and all interested in this certification course, we have invented three methods of training – the first one being instructor-led classroom training where a group of candidates is coached by our expert mentor (best suited for those who enjoy a classroom atmosphere and prefer learning in a group). Secondly, the instructor-led online training where a mentor coaches a particular candidate over the internet with the help of online tools and voice recordings (best suited for those who opt for taking up the program individually at their convenience). And thirdly, the anytime online training in which there is no instructor or a live guide but one can possibly take up the online course any time of their comfort (best suited for those who don’t have much time and wish to complete it during their free time).

Post completion of the training using any one of our above training methods, one has to be validated to see whether they are certificate worthy or not. This is done with the help of our mandatory final online exam.

CHPSE Credential Exam Requirements

You need to pass the 78 questions test (3 questions per chapter, 5 minutes maximum per chapter to answer the questions) with 70% to receive the HIPAA Certification of Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE). This test is for two hours ten minutes only. You get 5 minutes per chapter to answer three questions from each chapter. The passing grade is calculated based on the total % of all chapters and NOT individual chapter scores. You can fail individual chapters but still, pass the test on the overall score.

Test Passing Grade
Test Format
Multiple-choice questions
Testing Center
Time-bound online tests can be taken from anywhere
Test Time
2 hour 10 minutes (5 minutes per chapter) (26 chapters)
Retest Cost
$180 for 2nd attempt
Certificate Validity
3 Years

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We would like to see our candidates getting through this as soon as possible without failures. For this, there is an interim section called the “Practice session” which has questions similar to those in the final test. There are 120 questions, all multiple-choice, and will help you to understand the subject better. This practice test is valid for 6 months. It will be very helpful if one goes through a few of these to build confidence to face the final test.

CHPSE Practice Test Format

Total number of CHPSE Practice Test Questions: 250
Exam Format: Multiple choice questions
Practice Test Exam Validity: 6 months
Type of License: One user license cannot be transferred after login is assigned.
CHPSE Training Fees: $99

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Continuing Education Requirements for HIPAA Certifications after Getting Certified:
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