Very thorough class, lots of information, good stuff about HIPAA and all the rules! 14 chapters of information, lots to cover, good info for the cost of the class.
Jenny Magagna

This was a very informative course and covers a lot of material – it was perfect for my role as a compliance consultant.
Amanda Kight

This course was very informative. I learned a lot and plan to share this information with my work team.
Sarah Zayhowski

The course covered all the important content and was very accessible and flexible to my busy schedule.
Kevin Sheldon

Very happy I purchased the book in addition to the online course. Extremely helpful for review and for going forward within my practice.
Brigid Everhart

Thoughtfully outlined. Fantastic Depth. Highly education text and quizzes.
Connor Mullen

This was a great program! I am so glad I took this course and learned so much!
Victoria Melchiorre