Thank you very much for this program. It provided a detailed look at a complex area of the law in a concise and interesting manner. The wide range of information provided in the course material will be something that I will return to again and again.
Jennifer Iannotti

I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to study, examine my knowledge of the material, and now obtain a nationally recognized certification. The examination was challenging in many areas, but relatable to the employment requirements of one working with HIPAA and Privacy data.
Angela Moten

Very clear understanding of the HIPAA Privacy and Security. The site is very easy to use. The customer service was outstanding when I purchased the wrong certification exam.
Stephanie Silver

This course was very informative and I look forward to implementing it into the operations of my company.
Keeley Butters

This is an incredibly thorough and detailed course focusing on the Privacy and Security Laws of HIPAA. I would highly recommend it to anyone working in healthcare or compliance.
Kate Lewis

Fantastically thorough, detailed, and I’d recommend it to all my colleagues who interact with PHI from a technical standpoint (when appropriate, of course)
Spencer Lewen

Excellent coverage of HIPAA regulations.
Elden Hamada

Great course, very insightful and easy to follow test. If a pdf of the course manual is available, we would very much appreciate this. The book is rather large! Thanks again.
Holly Cribbes

Excellent Course, lots of learning material, and was great to take it at my own pace.
Spencer Lane

We had a great in person training and the materials provided were useful and intentional and applicable to our needs. We are thankful for the thorough and thoughtful practical application to our program.
Nikki Sharp

The instructor was very informative the course was well rounded!
Wendy Danelson

This course was very informative. I enjoyed the video to quiz format. I feel like I have learned a lot.
Keri Ishmael

Great Information regarding HIPAA privacy and security.
Otis Marajah

Very comprehensive course covering the requirements of HIPAA and well delivered.
Robert Lamarre

This was very good and educational It was also a good learning and implementing experience Thank you Bob
Ahmed Sayed

This course was really useful and has lot of information that can help in understanding and implementing.
Vivek Desai

I found the course a valuable to gain a better understanding of HIPAA privacy and security
David Bearer

Great course, Ross was a really knowledgeable instructor and delivered the material well.
Graham McLeod