(Free for 6 months for Covered Entities. No credit card needed)

Many business associates are responsible for the HIPAA breaches as they are not compliant. As a covered entity now you have a tool that will allow you to have a better insight into business associates’ HIPAA privacy and security compliance readiness. Many business associates are not aware of the complete HIPAA requirements to achieve compliance.  Our tool will ask them questions and give you an overview of their compliance level. This tool helps covered entities who are proactive in ensuring that business associates are compliant and understand HIPAA requirements.

How can Business Associate (BA) Management Help you?

It is important that business associate agreement (BAA) requirements are met by the company’s vendors. Around 80% of vendors are not compliant where CE may be responsible for the fine. Our tool will help you to:

  • Ensure BA meets the compliance and is compliant.
  • Helps to avoid fines and penalties due to breach
  • Organize all BA in one tool
  • The quick compliance status of all BA in one view
  • Helps to ensure the privacy and security of client/patient data if BA has access to it.

What are the Features of Vendor Management Tool?

The business associate vendor management tool allows you to have a complete HIPAA privacy and security compliance view of all business associates in one easy-to-use dashboard.

The main features of these tools are:

  • The system is free for the first 6 months
  • No credit card is needed to activate the free access
  • Easy to use dashboard for HIPAA compliance status of all business associates
  • You can import vendors by using the Excel sheet
  • Vendors are sent a questionnaire to complete a Compliance Risk Evaluation which is sent to admin for review.
  • Update the training status of employees and get a notification when the next training is due.

If you are interested in testing the beta version of the tool at no cost then contact us at Bob@supremusgroup.com

We will send you login details to start your trial. Due to limited access to the tool, We will cancel your free version if we do not see any activities within 7 days of assigning the login. We reserve the right to refuse the beta version as needed. This offer is for covered entities only.