Supremus Group LLC provides a wide range of HIPAA Instructor-Led Training certification classes year-round in almost all 50 States of the US at multiple locations. At these centers, two days and four days instructor-led classrooms provide the most comprehensive HIPAA training for Certification and Compliance.

HIPAA Instructor-led 1 to 1 On-line Classroom Training (OCT):

We have another option of Instructor-led 1 to 1 Online Classroom Training (OCT) to get HIPAA certifications. OCT is real-time distance learning training over the Internet (through Web and phone), with an instructor provide help to a student logged anywhere in the world.

These HIPAA Instructor Led Training classes cover all certification options including HIPAA Compliance Training (4 days), HIPAA Security Training (2 Days), and HIPAA Privacy Training (2 Days).


HIPAA Compliance Training (4 days)

This HIPAA Compliance Training (4 days) course covers the Comprehensive HIPAA Policy and Security Compliance Training (Level 1 & Level 2) in 4 days for the CHPSE® credentials. This is the most in-depth, comprehensive training and is recommended for HIPAA Privacy Officer, HIPAA Security Officer, HIPAA Compliance Officer of covered entity & business associate, Core Compliance employees, IT Professionals servicing Healthcare Industry, Healthcare Consultant, etc.


HIPAA Security Training (2 Days)

This HIPAA Security Training (2 Days) covers the Comprehensive HIPAA Security Certification Training for CHSE® for two days (Level 2). This training is recommended for HIPAA Security Compliance team members, IT Managers, IT staff, IT Consultants providing services to the healthcare industry, etc.


HIPAA Privacy Training (2 Days)

This HIPAA Privacy Training (2 Days) covers the Comprehensive HIPAA Privacy and Intermediate Security Training & Certification for CHPE® for two days (Level 1). This training is mostly recommended for HIPAA Privacy Compliance team members of covered entities & business associates, Privacy Lawyers involved in healthcare, HR Managers, Head Nurse, etc.


Customized Onsite HIPAA Instructor-Led Training at your Location

If you are looking for HIPAA training for large numbers of employees within your organization at your own location, you may want to consider this onsite, customized instruction-led HIPAA training option. With this option, we will provide a HIPAA instructor to train your employees with a curriculum tailored to your organization.

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