General Overview of Supremus Portal for Intranet and Extranet

Supremus Intranet Portal is easy to use, scalable, and secure enterprise portal solution for building Intranet and Extranet sites. It is a turn-key solution that comes with a set of content management and document publishing tools to address all of the common needs of a typical Intranet or Extranet environment. The common publishing functions are very simplified, so non-technical users can easily publish and share information.

Furthermore, Supremus Intranet Portal comes with a set of productivity tools that address more specialized portal functions, from on-line customizable and searchable directories, help desk systems, bulletin boards to workflow management and virtual team collaboration tools that allow for implementing a truly paperless environment.

The security framework in Supremus Intranet Portal provides full control overview or edit access to secure information and documents. The sophisticated user authentication and encryption algorithms used throughout the system safely prevent any unauthorized access to sensitive information in the system.

Web Portals 101

Web Portal – Introduction
The term portal is used to describe a website that serves as a gateway to content or information. Portals allow accessing and publishing the content in an organized way and therefore they are often viewed as the starting point for accessing information.

Enterprise Portals
Enterprise portals present the information and services available to their users in a single dashboard-like view that is targeted to user’s job functions and preferences. On the publishing end, the portal allows system administrators to designate specific user groups to maintain the content. Enterprise portals often serve as a single sign-on (SSO) solution for accessing other resources and systems within the organization’s boundaries.

Importance of Web Portals
Portals are playing an enormous role in increasing the productivity of organizations by simplifying content publishing and access to information. Leading portal solutions such as Supremus Intranet Portal take this to the next level by allowing for creating electronic dashboards and searchable directories and creating custom productivity tools that are tailored to the specific needs of organizations and users

Portal advantages over static Intranets and Extranets

Static Intranets allow publishing documents and information and making it available to the whole organization. However, if not tightly managed and maintained they quite often are not kept up-to-date and become overloaded with Motley documents that are in a permanent state of chaos. Also, because skilled IT staff is usually needed to maintain and publish the content, the departmental users have very little input on how the information is presented and how it is maintained.

Supremus Intranet Portal – the enterprise portal solution – addresses these common problems in a very straightforward manner. First, because it is easy to learn, a short training session is all that is needed by non-technical users to learn how to publish and maintain the content themselves. With its security and access framework, the Supremus Intranet Portal administrator can easily set up user roles and designate content editing rights to specific users or groups. The supplied portlets, on the other hand, assure that the information is published in a structured way, which leads to well-organized pages. Lastly, with the built-in search crawler and search engine, any information that is published in Supremus Intranet Portal is automatically searchable by authorized users.

Healthcare Applications

Supremus Intranet Portal was developed for and is widely used in the healthcare Intranet environment. The standard sets of functions that are provided with the portal were developed to specifically address the requirements and needs of healthcare organizations.
Examples include:

  1. Searchable physician rosters
  2. On-call schedule system
  3. Training and Education system for internal clinical staff training
  4. JCAHO compliant document management system for posting policies, protocols, and procedures
  5. Sophisticated document and site access audit trail
  6. Highly secure login and access management system to secure access to sensitive documents and pages
  7. By-law acceptance systems
  8. … and many others

Because we closely work with our clients, we constantly add additional components and features that enhance the experience and improve the product. Any new components added to the systems are automatically available to current customers.

Because of its flexible design, Supremus Intranet Portal can be successfully utilized throughout a hospital, clinic, long-term care organization, or any healthcare organization to improve, simplify, enhance and automate different aspects of information publishing and access. Both clinical staff, as well as non-clinical employees, can take advantage of the powerful applications and tools that come with the system to save time, increase productivity and most importantly improve patient care.

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