Great test, the video explain more if the rules and teach how we need to protect more the information of the patient. Very easy to understand and make me more aware of what details I need to more carful when I have to work in patients
Carmen Osorio

This was an informative training with a slightly different perspective for me this time. I have taken many HIPAA trainings throughout my career. I enjoyed this one. and stayed engaged easily.
Amy Jo Hallett

The course was very informative and thorough on the topics of HIPAA coverage. Every dilemma and possible issue was covered, and it was very useful.
Carla Vicuna

I really enjoyed using this as it was very easy to use and fast. I would recommend it to all.
Anupamdeep Kaur Pannu

This was a great course to learn about HIPAA & the policies and procedures that go with it!
Molly Wujczyk

I really appreciate this course and truly understand the meaning of HIPAA. Will review this again. Thank you!
Jasmin Conde

I would say that it would be helpful to email the certificate upon completion. I am now having difficulties accesing my certificate. and am worries i might have to retake the test.
Allison Gutowski

The course is helpful and provides more knowledge to help us protect our patients and our business.
Lorilee Naquila

This course was very helpful and is a great tool for companies and new employees.
Maureen Hicks

Really love how comprehensive and easy to learn was this course thank you
Adan de la torre torres

Useful information, layout very well full of alot of information. Everything on the test is covered appropriately in the videos
Dani Dalla

Loved the class! It was very informative. I feel like I understand HIPAA much more effectively now.
Drake Deitch

The HIPAA training program brought a lot of new information to my attention. I appreciated being taught about HIPAA from many different directions. I hope to use this new knowledge in the future!
Gabrielle Cohen

Good Knowledge and great information on Hipaa and the importance of implementing the program
Michael Johnson

The information provided were very informative and helpful especially in my field of nursing career.
Naomi Kinuthia

This makes to understand the confidentiality of PHI data.
Ramya Kesaval

The course was informational, and educational. I believe i learned a lot from it.
Vipanpreet Chahil

This HIPAA training really helped me understand better HIPAA procedures and policies.
Victoria Glassmaker, RN

The training is very informative, concise to the level of full understanding.
Ronnie Valle

This is an excellent course, very informational. I learned a lot of HIPAA.
Diana Lee

The training is informative for any healthcare professional.
Jennifer Lising

It was very informative and I plan to use this information in my everyday practice.
Obinna Awaji

No problems or concerns with the program.
Wendy Bartolome

The training was very informative and easy to follow
Christina Vidinha