Why Create HIPAA Security Policies and Procedures for HIPAA Compliance?

The final HIPAA security rule was published on February 20, 2003, which issued a mandate to all healthcare organizations to ensure their policies and procedures were created according to the requirements of the Security Law. Thereafter, the organizations were to train their employees on how they can implement these policies and procedures in their daily activities. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)’s HITECH act, and Omnibus rule of 2013 requires business associates & sub-business associates to comply with security rules.

The HIPAA rule has outlined very specific requirements regarding the creation, implementation, and changing of the procedures and policies. Therefore, according to the standard policies and procedures; a covered entity has to implement and adhere to policies according to the protected health information implementation specifications, standards, and other requirements of this part. For the whole process to be effective the covered entity has to ensure that its procedures and policies are designed such that it will take into account, the type and size of activities carried out in the firm in relation to protected health information and make sure the entity meets the compliance requirements. As far as this standard is concerned there is no room for excuse or permission to go contrary to the implementation specifications or any other requirement of this subpart.”

One of the uphill tasks of any organization is making revisions on its policies and procedures considering it can be time-consuming and will demand attention to detail. In fact, the organization’s policy must reflect the requirements under security regulations to the last detail yet be easy to follow through such that employees or workers of the organization should have an easy time implementing them. This also means that these policies will act as a foundation in which all departmental procedures will use them as a reference point to implement and establish security policies.

Why our HIPAA Security Rule Policies and Procedures Templates/forms

We have created 71 HIPAA security policies whereby 60 of which are the security policies and procedures according to the HIPAA security regulation and 11 of them which act as supplemental documents for checklists, forms, and policies to the required policies. These policies do address a broad range of challenges especially when it comes to implementing security policies that are applicable to a whole organization. Therefore, the template suite addresses all the key components of the HIPAA security rule whereby each policy can be customized or adapted depending on the needs of your organization.

Category of HIPAA Security Policies & Procedures

Total Security Policies and Procedures

Administrative Safeguards
Physical Safeguards
Technical Safeguards
Organizational Requirements
Supplemental Policies to required policy


These policies have been developed by HIPAA compliance officers with practical knowledge of HIPAA compliance with experience in healthcare meaning that they have been created in accordance with HIPAA security requirements in regard to the industry’s standards and best practices and then tailored to fit the needs of healthcare environments. Therefore, these templates have been developed so that they can act as a pillar of your security programs.

It is important to note that these policies are quite adjustable meaning they can be adjusted in a way that will address the scope and size of your covered entity. By getting our templates on HIPAA Security Procedures and policies you should be assured of saving at least 400 hours and be able to address your HIPAA-compliant needs effectively and without spending too much. Our templates are developed in accordance with the NIST standards, HIPAA requirements, and security best practices. The main aim of developing these policies was to ensure that they matched the HIPAA security regulations, customized to the environment of the healthcare provider, and still ensure integration of the best security practices within the industry.

Who can use our HIPAA Security policies?

Our templates are recommendable to covered entities, business associates, and sub-vendors

Easy to Customize HIPAA Policies Templates

Our templates are tailored to the HIPAA rule and guidelines requirements. On the other hand, these templates are meant to be a starting point for developing finished procedures and policies according to the needs of your organization. Therefore, you will be required to open each of the documents and edit them according to your needs. However, the Supremus Group is not legally responsible for the final policies created on the model documents for your organization.

The HIPAA Security policies templates are available in MS word document format meaning there is room for modification and can be tailored according to your organization’s needs including customizing them with your organization’s name on it or whatever else you would like. The template can be on a CD and we can also email it to you, at your request in ZIP format.

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