1.Strengths of the course: The instructor was the main strength of the course, he really knew the material very well and was extremely confident in his delivery. The material covered a wide range of topics but each was very comprehensive.
Testimonial: The course was very well organized and we always stayed focused on the material. The instructor, is an expert in this field and presented the material very effectively. The course reinforced the subject matter that I had experience and knowledge in but also allowed for a great deal of new information that I will be able to use at any company in the healthcare field and has prepared me to help lead our company to become HIPAA Privacy and Security compliant.
Richard Hobbs
Community Health Choice
2.Instructor used real examples with student questions to illustrate HIPAA breaches versus just bad business practices or versus violations of some other privacy statute. He was obviously knowledgeable and experienced in the subject. I trust his answers, believe his answers to be backed by the statute, and have relayed that trust to the operational chain of command at my company. I have resolved three common and recurring issues in our company with this training session.
Allen Gann

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4.“Supremus Group worked diligently to meet our deadlines and was accommodating to make sure the quality of work met our standards.”
5.Great DRP templates at a great price. Templates saved weeks of effort and pointed us in the right direction. Definitely recommend to anyone.