Although a mix of technologies such as MS Exchange, shared drives, and various document management systems are often used in hospitals to enable access to information, there is no single central entry point to the information. Searching for pertinent information requires visiting many remote systems, and more often than not logging in and out multiple times. Time is lost, productivity is lost and the organization’s bottom line is affected. Furthermore, there is no classification of information based on the type of user, making searching and browsing a time-consuming and often frustrating task. Furthermore, Supremus Intranet Portal comes with a set of productivity tools that address more specialized portal functions, from online customizable and searchable directories, help desk systems, bulletin boards to workflow management and virtual team collaboration tools that allow for implementing a truly paperless environment.

Although the situation is widespread, not many people realize that there are proven solutions on the market that can quickly rectify this problem – Intranet and Extranet web portals. Many IT and executive leaders who know about the availability of portal solutions do not dare to introduce these technologies to their organizations. This is mostly due to the belief that these technologies are high cost and that implementation of an enterprise portal solution will require plenty of technical resources.

This misconception is due to the price tag and complexity of the better known, but not necessarily the best, offerings on the technology and software market. Generally, these solutions require concurrent user license fees which are a very steep price for mid-size and large hospitals. In addition, these systems must be installed on sophisticated, dedicated, and costly hardware platforms.

The content administration features of Supremus Intranet Portal allow enabling certain users to update the content, documents, and listings. IT no longer has to be involved with every content change or document upload. Departmental users no longer have to wait for IT to get to the content update tasks in the midst of other priorities that IT faces every day. The content editing rights in Supremus Intranet Portal can be closely assigned and monitored by the portal administrators who can decide which sections of a page can be modified and by whom. Finally, the sophisticated viewing rights control of the Supremus Intranet Portal provides the ability to display different content to users based on their functions. That way nursing staff is presented with information that pertains to their work, doctors see the information they need, and administrative staff has access to non-clinical content, etc. In a nutshell, Supremus Intranet Portal allows for creating communities that enable information sharing and collaboration.

And this is just the beginning of what can be done with the Supremus Intranet Portal to increase the productivity and satisfaction of employees and doctors. Among other features, Supremus Intranet Portal also provides searchable phone directories, physician rosters, and vendor directories. Manuals and policies can be stored online eliminating the need for costly manuals that constantly must be kept up-to-date and distributed throughout the organization. Online forms allow for simple communication between employees and departments, such as Human Resources and Payroll. The built-in incident tracking system can automate the Help Desk and customer service functions. Google-style search allows locating content by entering search keywords. Finally, Supremus Intranet Portal can be customized to provide single sign-on access to other applications, eliminating the need for constant logging in and out of the many systems each user has to access to perform his or her daily functions.

Supremus Intranet Portal’s pricing starts at less than $10,000. What makes Supremus Intranet Portal so affordable is that there is no additional cost per number of users accessing the system. And only common Microsoft-based server platforms are needed to run the system for the entire enterprise. And as with every web portal platform, the only requirement on the client workstations to access and use the system is a web browser.

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