The main intention of this document is to explain the Business Resumption Planning Program Process. The process for implementing a Business Resumption Planning Program and creating effective business resumption plans will be discussed in detail. The steps that will be discussed are as follows:

  1. Step 1 Project Development and Initiation Phase
  2. Step 2 Analysis and Data Gathering Phase
  3. Step 3 Review Results and Develop Recovery Strategies
  4. Step 4 Design and Development of Policies and Standards
  5. Step 5 Create and Implement Plans (both business and technical)
  6. Step 6 Plan Testing and Training (Awareness)
  7. Step 7 Plan Audit and Maintenance

These step procedures signify the key aspects of implementing a complete and practical Business Resumption Planning Program. The responsibility of the planning process normally falls under the position of the Business Resumption Planning Department, which is typically a function or resource group within a company. However, if the company does not have a Business Resumption Planning Department, you will need to appoint a “Business Resumption Planning Coordinator or Manager”. This person develops the strategy in cooperation with other managers associated with business and technology operations.

The Business Resumption Planning Coordinator also usually manages the development and execution of business resumption plans.

Table of Content Business Resumption Planning Process


Project Development and Initiation Phase
Analysis and Data Gathering Phase&
Review Results and Develop Recovery Strategies
Design and Development of Policies and Standards
Create and Implement Plans
Plan Testing and Training
Plan Audit and Maintenance


Appendix A:  Business Resumption Planning Policy Statement
Appendix B:  Business Resumption Planning Process Flow Chart


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