The purpose of the Business Resumption Plan

The intention of this document is to help organize research, select, implement, and successfully execute Business Resumption Planning Strategies and Methodologies. This Business Resumption Plan document provides guidance on how to review the Risk Assessment, Business Impact Analysis, and the Application and Data Criticality Analysis to analyze and determine the number of potential risk exposures, impacts, and data center technology risks that currently exist in the environment.  Business Resumption Planning strategies and Facility Recovery Options are provided and explained.


The objectives of implementing Business Resumption Planning Strategies and selecting a Recovery Option(s) are:

  1. Selection of an Overall Business Resumption Planning Program Coordinator
  2. The identification of recovery teams and the roles and responsibilities of each team and department
  3. Each department will need to appoint a Plan Owner, who is responsible for managing the development and maintenance of individual department plan
  4. Creation of Business Resumption Planning Standard so all plans will be written so that there are consistency and coordination between them
  5. The timeframes within which the relocation must be completed
  6. Minimum resources requirements of each department for which a plan is needed and the teams that will support them

Table of Content for Selecting & Implementing Recovery Strategies




Preventative Measures


No Strategy
Work Area Recovery
Alternate Sites
Cold Site
Warm Site
Hot Site
Mobile Sites
Mirrored Sites
Overview of Alternate Site Options
Manual Procedures


Staff Considerations
Staff Recovery
Technology Strategies
Vendor Agreements
Equipment Inventory
Existing Compatible Equipment
Roles and Responsibilities
Insurance Considerations
Cost Considerations


Appendix A:  Business Resumption Planning Process


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