The application recovery plan template is the part of complete disaster recovery and business continuity of the company. This plan is one of the plans for data center recovery program which includes recovery templates for communications, network, server, and database. This plan is divided into 3 phase: activation, recovery, and restoration. This template suite is available in MS word format and can be used by any organization to fit organization’s specific requirements.

This template suite contains following documents:

  1. Application Recovery Plan Template (23 pages)
  2. Application Recovery Plan Development Guide (18 pages)
  3. Example Application Recovery Plan (23 pages)

Cost: $75

Application Recovery Plan Template


This Recovery Plan documents the strategies, personnel, procedures and resources necessary to recover the <Enter Application Name> Application following any type of short or long term disruption.  The following objectives have been established for this plan:

Maximize the value of contingency planning by establishing recovery plans that consist of the following phases:

1. Notification / Activation: 
To activate the plan and notify vendors, customers, employees, etc of the recovery activities

2. Recovery Phase:
To recovery and resume temporary IT operations on alternate hardware (equipment) and possibly at an alternate location

3. Restoration Phase:

To restore IT systems processing capabilities to normal operations at the primary location or the new location

  1. Define the activities, procedures, and essential resources required to perform <Enter Application Name> processing requirements during prolonged periods of disruption to normal operations.
  2. Allocate responsibilities to designated personnel and provide guidance for recovering <Enter Application Name> during prolong periods of interruption to normal operations.
  3. Make certain coordination with other <Enter Company Name> staff is conducted.
  4. Ensure coordination with external contacts, like vendors, suppliers, etc. who will participate in the recovery process.



Table of Contents for Applications Recovery Plan Template


Plan Maintenance

Plan Exercise

Plan Location

Plan Distribution

Plan Introduction

  1. Purpose
  2. Applicability
  3. Scope
  4. Assumptions
  5. Use Of This Plan

Application Profile

  1. Application Specifications
  2. Server Requirements
  3. Database Requirements
  4. Network Requirements
  5. Input (Feeders) Dependencies on Applications/Systems
  6. Output (Receivers) Dependencies on Applications/Systems
  7. Business Processes

Plan Activation Procedures

  1. Plan Activation Team

Team Members & Responsibilities

  1. Activate Team Members
  2. Travel to Alternate Location

Recovery Procedures

  1. Restore Application Services
  2. File Verification Tasks
  3. Application Validation and Synchronization Tasks
  4. Restoration Procedures
  5. Original or New Site Restoration
  6. Concurrent Processing
  7. Plan Deactivation


  1. Appendix A: Employee Contact List
  2. Appendix B: Vendor Contact List

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