Loved the course! Very informative, everyone should take this course whether it is for business reasons or for personal home use!
Victoria Melchiorre

Before taking the cybersecurity awareness training, I thought I was pretty savvy when it came to online security. However, this training opened my eyes to the many ways hackers can gain access to personal and company information. The course was comprehensive, easy to understand, and packed with practical tips and strategies that I immediately put into practice. Thanks to this training, I feel much more confident in my ability to protect myself and my organization from cyber threats. I highly recommend this cybersecurity awareness training to anyone looking to improve their online security.
John Sagaribay

This was a great course and I enjoyed it a lot. A lot of great information to use and be aware at all times with the speed of cyber security.
Luis C Delgado

The course was informative. I am glad I have participated in this learning experience; it will help me to maintain a safe environment at work as well as in the home. I was able to follow along easily, it was nice to have breaks as well.
Autumn Norman

This course has exceeded my expectations in every way. course materials are well-organized and comprehensive, covering all necessary topics thoroughly. The modules are structured logically, building upon previous knowledge while introducing new concepts progressively. This approach ensures a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced material.
Anthony K. Ballah

It is a very good comprehensive program. Learned a lot from this course. This course teaches us about security awareness and I got benefitted after completing the course.
Saurab Dutta
Legal Outsourcing 2.0, Inc.

This course was just long enough to emphasize the information needed for cyber security without loosing the students attention. Great course!
Jennifer Bierdeman

Enjoyed this course. Would recommend to anyone looking to expand their CyberSecurity knowledge.
Alix Thurston

Very informative! Would recommend as an entry level training in Cyber Security!
Kevin Teufel

Thank you. Good training and thoughtful modules. Appreciated the level of detail that was conveyed.
Pete Navarro

The course was very informative and useful for my line of work in a medical clinic.
Jillian Marsh

It was a good refresher course and very detailed explanations about all the cybersecurity topics.
Niranjan Narasimhan

Great course, very informative and interesting. Definitely learned a few things that I didn’t know before. Thank you!
Lesley Van De Mortel

This course was great! it had much useful info for me, especially personally, on my personal computers at home, my phone, etc. Great!!
Catherine Krueger

Enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone looking to document their knowledge or gain a better understanding.
Melissa Burg

This is a very good and high-level overview of Cybersecurity topics and best practices.
Jorge Trevino-Carranza

I thought the training was well done and would recommend to others!
Breanna Popp

Very thorough and covered material in great detail.
Krissy Black

Well done solution. Overall very comprehensive and covers most aspects of security at an entry level.
Al Sheldon

Very informative information! I especially appreciate how it was broken down into smaller segments.
Elizabeth Dickens

The course was easy to navigate, and the language was easy to understand for someone without cybersecurity experience.
Poonam Khullar

This training was beneficial and the accompanying certification will help me demonstrate my competency.
Chris Schurman

This course was fantastic and is a great starting point for developing a cybersecurity awareness program for my company!
Keeley Butters

It was good learning content. I was not super familiar with Cyber Security and this will help my job and implement policies and procedures. This will also help me bring more attention to our staff and guide them on what to look out for.
Stephanie Silver

Great Course, important for everyday activity
Volka (Vladimir) Kornfeld

Informational, good course. Given me the information necessary to increase knowledge and tools for success.
Tracey Perry

Thank you for offering this course. It was very informative and I plan to share this information with my work team.
Sarah Zayhowski

The Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees was a great training, very informative and useful. I enjoyed each of the different aspects of the training.
Jacob Margarit

The course was clear and concise. It provided a significant amount of material without being too lengthy.
Jeffrey A. Schurr

I thought the training was relevant to the certification exam and will be useful in my career, which will be focused on cybersecurity awareness.
Becky Gaylord

This course provides a nice coverage of cybersecurity awareness’s best practices.
Amal Khalil

The videos were very informative and the overall experience was awesome.
Jason Rodriguez

As a cybersecurity professional this is a great entry level course that anyone who works with sensitive data should take.
Brandyn Blunt

Great information included in this class and will be highly beneficial for individuals without other IT certifications.
Darryl Young

CCAP was a great refresher course. The course was well layout and the well thought. I am happy I took the course. I will recommend it to my friends and co-workers.

The content is well organized and provides good insight into cyber security.
Anika Kowalewska-Chiarini

The CCAP course is well presented and very thorough in its approach of covering the main points of Security Awareness & Training.
Tracey Ristich

This was a well put together course and I really appreciate all the information I obtained from the course.
Brian Thompson

Otis Marajah

Excellent material. The content was very understandable

Great course. Very practical and up-to-date material.
Nainil Chheda

Raising cyber security awareness education can takeoff with this certification.
Razia Sultana

Balanced course for anyone starting out.
Jennifer Blacker

Great course! Hit upon the key issues and answers.
Glenn Sweeney

Great information and very informative.
Kristy McClinton

Very easy to digest the information and examples where very relatable.
Nicole Honore

Great information and I love that it was separated into 8 sections
Melinda S Austin