We have created a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity suite for small businesses employing less than 50 employees. There is always a discussion about why does a small business needs a Business Continuity plan?

The objectives of business continuity planning include minimizing interruptions to the business’s ability to provide its products and/or services, minimizing financial loss, and being able to resume critical operations within a specified time after a disaster.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) involves devising a plan that guards against business disruption in case of unforeseen events and disasters. Events include local incidents like building fires, regional incidents like floods & earthquakes, or national incidents like pandemic illnesses. A well-thought-out business continuity plan can mean the difference between your business’s survival and failure in the event of a crisis.

Business Continuity (BC) planning is a process of planning ahead to ensure that your business remains unaffected by events that would normally lead to serious interruption or even failure. It creates a plan that management and staff can rely on as a road map to get back up and running as quickly as possible eliminating/minimizing losses in the event of an emergency situation.

Benefits of Creating Business Continuity Plan:

  1. Meet the compliance requirement of government legislation.
  2. Effective business continuity management can help businesses demonstrate that they are managing their business risks and so help to secure lower insurance premiums.
  3. Business Continuity plan will show your investors that you take the business seriously, that you are prepared, and desire to maintain productivity regardless of difficulty.
  4. Having a BC plan can help get you more business. If you own a small business and hope to become a supplier or subcontractor to a Fortune 1000 company or certain government entities, you will quickly find that they require your company to have a BC plan before awarding you any contract.
  5. A business continuity plan can significantly reduce your losses if ever you are hit by a disaster.

Our complete template suite for Business Continuity Plan for Small Business includes the following templates:

Business Impact Analysis

  1. Enterprise Business Impact Analysis Survey – Short (15 pages)
  2. Example – BIA Survey Short Version (13 pages)
  3. Guide to Conducting a Business Impact Analysis (27 pages)

Department Recovery Plan

  1. Department Recovery Plan Template (28 pages)
  2. Guide to Documenting Department Continuity Plans (19 pages)
  3. Example Plans – Accounting Recovery Plan (27 pages)
  4. Example Plans – Corporate Communications Recovery Plan (25 pages)
  5. Example Plans – Human Resources Recovery Plan (26 pages)

Disaster (Technology) Recovery Plan

  1. Disaster Recovery Plan Template (47 pages)
  2. Example – Disaster Recovery Plan (42 pages)
  3. Guide to Documenting Disaster Recovery Plans (25 pages)

Policy & Standards

  1. Business Impact Analysis Policy & Standards (24 pages)
  2. Department Planning Policy & Standards (23 pages)
  3. Disaster Recovery (Technology) Planning Policy & Standards (35 pages)
  4. Guide to Updating Policies & Standards (5 pages)
  5. Risk Assessment Policy & Standards (19 pages)

Risk Assessment

  1. Example – Risk Assessment Worksheet (15 Worksheets)
  2. Guide to Conducting a Risk Assessment (21 pages)
  3. Preventative measures (6 pages)
  4. Risk Assessment Worksheet (15 Worksheets)

Strategy Documents

  1. Contingency Planning Process (16 pages)
  2. Selecting and Implementing Recovery Strategies (19 pages)
  3. Types of Contingency Plans (9 pages)
  4. Guidance for using Template Suite – Small Business (13 pages)
  5. Project Plan Tasks (6 Worksheets)

Total Cost: $549 

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