The word Supremus originates from a Latin word meaning supreme thus laying emphasis on our expertise and knowledge in the services we provide.

Our main focus is on HIPAA consulting, compliance training, and providing HIPAA compliance templates. We also endeavor in providing customized, practical yet affordable HIPAA compliance solutions.

Our HIPAA Certification Training and Compliance website aim at assisting healthcare organizations to meet the HIPAA compliance requirement in a cost-effective and timely manner through our wide range of products and services. This means that we provide HIPAA Compliance kits, manuals, templates, training as well as compliance consulting services which should make it easier for you or your entity to be HIPAA compliant cost-effectively and successfully.

We also help health plans, healthcare employers and organizations, Business associates, and other alternative medicine providers to be HIPAA compliant. Regardless of the size of your firm whether big or small you should be able to find a HIPAA compliance program that fits your budget and needs. On the other hand, if you are a Business Associate or a covered entity we are willing to provide you with the necessary support, guidance, and recommendation on how you can be compliant. is one of the best and strongest teams in our company and its main ambition is to provide HIPAA-related training to healthcare entities at various levels.  Considering we have unique approaches on how we train our interested parties and have customizable programs then that leaves you with a competitive edge against other service providers in this field.

The company was founded in 2006 with the main objective being to be one of the leading providers in comprehensive HIPAA training and help other healthcare entities to be HIPAA compliant. In addition, we have made relentless efforts to make sure that we have addressed streams in HIPAA training whose main concern is also on the security and privacy issues at various levels.

Therefore, if you are a business associate of a covered entity we can give you the necessary guidance, support, and resources to assist you to be compliant. Actually, we do have a wide range of clients view client pages and a good number of testimonials on the view testimonial page which should act as evidence of our expertise in HIPAA training.

Leaders in HIPAA Training:

Our training methods have been tailored to meet the various levels of healthcare entities from this industry and this means that we have programs for beginners as well as for professionals and organizations. These different courses will suit various levels of the traineeship, for instance, beginners will be trained for the CHPA certification while those on a higher level will be trained for (CHPE, CHSE, and CHPSE) certifications and all the courses normally depend on one’s schedule, availability, and location, and job description, area of residence and among other factors. Our online training also gives room for one to complete the course depending on his or her availability as well as timings.

We offer three modes of training which can be tailored to one’s job role, requirements from the person’s organization or the individual, and availability.

  1. We have the “Instructor-led classroom training” program where an instructor can train up to 12 students in the class. This mode of training is ideal for people who are willing to spare 2-4 days away from their workplace.
  2. We also have an “Instructor-led online training” program which is offered in real-time mode and recommendable to people learning through the internet especially those who are far from the physical location of the training center or cannot sacrifice 2-4 days from their workplace. This method is also cost-effective in terms of travel costs.
  3. We have the “Online anytime training” which can be done anytime and from whichever part of the world.
    All you need to have is a PC, speaker, and internet connection. It is ideal for people who cannot find time to do the course on a standard basis, cannot travel, and would prefer to study on their own and at their own pace. It is also one of the most economical methods of training.

Therefore, if you are interested in HIPAA training then you can choose from any of the above methods of learning and choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

Additional HIPAA Services and Products:

Our consulting services provide a full range of services customized to fit client needs. We offer help in the areas of:

We also provide templates for organizations who want to “jump-start” their efforts and complete HIPAA compliance without the help of any HIPAA consultants. Our templates are one of the most comprehensive templates available in the industry allowing the user to save a lot of time and money. We offer templates for:

Our cost-effective and excellent training methods show the path to keep you completely HIPAA compliant. Also, our extended and continuous support is always there to take care of your other various compliance needs.

We have more than 3000 clients throughout the USA, Canada, and many business associates based out of India, the Philippines, China, Mexico, Columbia, and many other countries.

We will show you how to accomplish HIPAA compliance without spending a fortune, and we provide ongoing support to keep you HIPAA compliant.