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CHPSE Testimonials

After doing extensive research online on which HIPAA training certification to go with I was more than satisfied with The option of the one on one training worked for me and the extent of information that you receive with the course is worth it alone! I would recommend it to anyone looking to get certified in either HIPAA privacy or security or both!
Jason Santos, North Hudson Community Action Corporation
I just finished the CHPSE certificate and I am amazed how much new knowledge I gained through this course. My recommendation is to take this class in an in class or at least instructor lead online environment as this would give the student a clearer understanding and opportunities for questions. However, if you decide to take the course via independent study, the course material is very self-explanatory and will benefit anyone from a security officer, privacy officer or compliance officer in a HIPAA regulated environment.
Stefanie Jackson, CPA, Behavioral Health Services of South Georgia
I want to thank you for providing me with excellent customer service. As a CEO, of a “covered entity” vendor for several Health Care facilities, I am impressed with the level of professionalism offered by the Supremus- On-line HIPAA CHPSE certificate training program. The comprehensive understanding achieved through the on-line presentation and desk reference supporting materials, allowed our company to easily develop and implement the required HIPAA compliance policies and procedures. Overall, I found both the Supremus-On-Line CHPSE and the CHPA ( a mandatory requirement for all my staff), certification training programs to be an investment well spent in this challenging economic times!.
Kavita Wadhwani, CEO, CHPA, CHPSE, TeletrakMT
With recent changes and challenges I found that getting my certification would help with implementation efforts. In my search for sites with the most affordable cost and great content for understanding the requirements with HIPAA security standard I found that HIPAATRAINING.NET could provide the training and certification I wanted. Thanks Mr. Mehta.
Annette Ballard, Murray-Calloway County Hospital
I had just changed jobs and I was new to the medical industry. As the new “computer guy” I was the natural choice to fill the newly vacant Privacy and Security Officer role for our practice. I had no idea how confusing HIPAA compliance could be. Where would I start? More importantly, where would I find the time to work, study, and still be a human? I’m glad I found With the manual and the online course I could study where and when I had time. It was a comfort to know that I didn’t have to take the test until I was ready. Finally, hats off to Bob and the support staff. Answers to my questions were a simple email away and I never had to wait long for a reply. Thank you all for helping me become “HIPAA guy”.
Aaron Volesky, Parker Center for Audiology
After researching all the other HIPAA certifications available I went with the CHPSE course and was glad I did. I was very impressed with the overall comprehensiveness of the training and for a change; there was always someone available to answer my questions immediately either via email or phone call. 
Pat Rennert, RHIT, CCS-P
I would recommend this course to anyone that is looking for a comprehensive knowledge of HIPAA privacy and security. The course was well organized and flowed from one topic to the next very well. After completing this course I feel confident that I will be able to maintain compliance in my office.
Carrie Staggs, Hilander Dental
The training I received at HIPAATRAINING.NET resulted in my passing the Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) Certification Exam. This credential attests to my related subject matter expertise and is expected to translate into a greater degree of credibility concerning my business related activities in migrating healthcare delivery organizations to a fully digitized, secure, and scalable mode of operation. 
S. Vincent Grasso, D.O.
The Supremus Group’s HIPAA Privacy Security Expert (CHPSE) program was a very challenging experience. The training programs provided covered the full spectrum of knowledge necessary for HIPAA Compliance. As a Security and Network Architecure Consultant, the program challenged my skills and allowed me to attain a certification that will allow me to provide a higher quality of service to my clients and it gives a professional certification to show my mutual investment as a Business Associate.
Kirk Crespin, Digital Connections
I spent a great deal of time reviewing the many programs offered on-line for the various levels of Hipaa Certification and the contents offered in each study program before making my decision to invest in the CHPSE Course offered by The Supremus Group. Not only was I looking for a course that was very detailed in the information but also a company that had national and international recognition. I found both with The Supremus Group! The various subject matters covered in the course did give a general overview but then continued on into very definite details and useful examples in the areas of Hipaa Law requirements for the Hipaa Privacy & Hipaa Security Rule and making your health care organization Hipaa compliant. The course also covered changes in the Hipaa regulations due to the HITECH Act and ARRA which will serve as valuable knowledge throughout my career in H.I.M. The Power-Point slides and the lecturer for the course were both excellent at capturing and holding your attention and the course study book will serve as a great ongoing reference tool. Last but certainly not least there were more than a few times throughout the course that I had questions and there was not one time that they were not answered for me right away after submitting them via email.
Ella P. Gardner
I found the CHPSE online course to be the perfect combination of live lectures with slideshow, book work including review questions and practice test. Any individual who reviews the provided materials will definitely pass the certification exam with no problems. I think every HIPAA Officer would benefit from this extremely informative and useful course. Overall the course was easy to use, materials were very educational and the consumer service was top-notch!
Martha Wewer, NC State Health Plan
Our organization completed the instructor-led HIPAA training in June 2011. We were very pleased with the depth of knowledge and expertise of the trainer. He provided real life examples we could relate to and customized the training to help provide some guidance particular to our organization. For the non-tech staff, the instructor was instrumental in helping us understand the more complex provisions of the security rules.
Garry Kornrumpf, CPA, CIA - Director
As an IT professional and Trainer, I found your online lectures very helpful and complete. This training and your templates have been a great help to me in providing compliance services to my client’s. Thanks again.
Duane Ragland,
I needed a HIPAA training program that would provide a complete understanding of the privacy and security rules for my technical team as they built and supported applications in hospitals as Business Associates. The online training from the Supremus group provided the detail, accuracy, and currency that I was looking for.”
John Hotchkiss, LiveData
It has been nine months since I passed the CHPSE exam. The exam was challenging to take. However, I felt that the study guides and on-line training were thorough in preparing me for the exam. I have been able to utilize the CHPSE study guides as reference material in my everyday role as HIPAA Access and Risk Control Manager for my healthcare clearinghouse client. I recommend the CHPSE certification to anyone who is serious about obtaining a comprehensive understanding and expertise in HIPAA/HI-TECH ACT.
Walter Boyd
I am the Controller for a company that provides document management services to attorneys. As a Business Associate, we needed to understand how to be in legal compliance with the contracts we have with Covered Entities as well as the statutes set forth in the HIPAA laws. The comprehensive CHPSE class gave me the tools to do just that.
I am very happy with the CHPSE course. I felt I knew HIPAA pretty well, but realized there was much more to compliance that protecting patient charts. I have used the information provided by you and my instructor to review our policies and procedures and develop a true compliance program for our employees. I would not have the confidence to proceed as I am without attending your class.
Michael Popp
Excellent material and exactly the complete and current HIPAA training that I needed. I highly recommend the video training along with the student guide for reference.
Dan Mckenna, Plymouth, Ma
My Instructor for the classroom sessions was very knowledgeable about all aspects of HIPAA Privacy and Security and was able to provide extremely detailed coverage of the course materials. He took the time to provide relevant examples and to discuss the course content as it related specifically to our business. In addition, the course manual, resource CD and test preparation software provided a comprehensive approach to exam preparation and will continue to be useful resources back on the job.
Elisa Walden
The online HIPAA course was very detailed and informative. The HIPAA Training and Certification Guide that goes along with the online course is a great tool, and is a resource that I will continue to reference in the future. As my organization’s dedicated Compliance Officer, I chose to take the CHPSE course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA, and anyone tasked with the privacy and security of their organization.
Heather MacDougall, Gulfshore Insurance
I was quite happy with the quality and thoroughness of the training course. I must admit I learned a great deal of information which I am certain will be useful in my day to day work and which will ultimately benefit the patients, clinicians and organizations that we will work with. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who is looking for an in-depth explanation of the complexities of HIPAA compliance.
Adam L. Kushner, MD, MPH, Jora Inc.

CHSE Testimonials

This product made the daunting task of documenting our policies much more manageable. The product was as advertised, of good quality, and exactly what we wanted. These templates are very thorough and complete. I can now tailor them to fit our needs. This will save a lot of time. I highly recommend this product.
Mahalo, Sam Erbe, Hawaii Radiologic Associates
When deciding on a HIPAA course to take I had reviewed a number of vendors offering a range of courses. I realized that for my needs, IT technical, I would not need a course that covered all of the transactions and other information that a practice manager would need. After careful consideration and a few conversations with Bob Mehta of the Supremus Group I decided that their CHSE course was a good fit. I took the on line version which enabled me to fit the training in at my pace and during times that were good for me. Running a business and a family was more taxing that I had originally thought. I was able to better work around these issues with the web based course. The course was thorough and detailed. I was able to obtain a practice test that helped me better prepare for the final exam. I recommend this course to anyone.
Robert Lane, ASE, Inc.
The Certified HIPAA Security Expert training was phenomenal. Computer Based Training (CBT) is a great learning experience for me combining visual, audio, and hands-on application using the practice exam.
The CHSE materials were well organized, concise, and flowed logically for such a large amount of legal and technical IT information to understand.
Jim Czerwonka, SDGblue, LLC
The anytime learning course offered by HIPAAtraining.Net allowed me to take the training needed for the CHSE (Certified HIPAA Security Expert) on my schedule. It provided me with the flexibility and time needed to understand the topics fully, and being online it allowed me to access the materials anytime I needed… It was like have a private instructor in my living room!

I highly recommend the “Anytime Training” from HIPAAtraining.Net if you need to train on your terms and location. The material was complete and presented in an easy to understand format…

Ed Sorensen, Jupiter Medical Center
I would like to take a moment to express my thanks for your wonderful program, the CHSE course.

In our ever changing world of technology, I was beginning to feel a bit lost in regards to the regulations and what meets the criteria of security of our electronic and digital PHI (ePHI) for HIPAA purposes.

This course has really given me a lot of insight and understanding of how HIPAA security is applied in the realm of technology. It has expanded my knowledge in the areas of how security and privacy rules relate to technologies both in and out of the office (mobile media).
It has also helped me work on a implementing a strong security policy, advanced safeguards and a comprehensive risk assessment plan for my organization.

Stephen Engel – Administrator, Summit Home Health Care
TO Prospective candidates taking the Supremus Group CHSE course:
Taking this course on line was not as easy as my ASQ certification as a Quality Auditor. It is demanding and I feel very worth your time and efforts.

The structure and accompanying audio is very good in content and listening. I highly recommend it to people employed in the Medical field.

William E. McLinn, Telamon Corp
I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you for the quality product from the Supremus Group. I had recently checked with some friends in the healthcare industry about HIPAA certifications and they pointed me to your website .

After spending some time on the website, I decided to purchase the Online Anytime Training and associated manual for the Certified HIPAA Security Expert program (CHSE). Well, I have to admit that I was a bit anxious going forward with this computer based training, but as soon as I received it I was pleasantly surprised!

The online training is broken into real-world modules and chapters that parallel exactly what is being taught in the book. By using the combination of the two, I was able to pass my CHSE test on the very first attempt.

I strongly recommend this course material to anyone who wants to prepare for the certification and wants to enhance their knowledge in the area of HIPAA security. I feel that I am now able to better contribute to corporate security policies, access control systems, and many documented procedures in a more comprehensive manner after my training.

Thank You Bob and Supremus!!

Thomas Coffy - CISA, CISSP, CHSE, Abacus Technology Corporation Kennedy Space Center Florida
This was a great and informative course that provided extensive background knowledge on HIPAA requirements. The book and on-line instruction were invaluable in assisting our company to understand and develop policies that were applicable to the unique structure of our BPO projects. I highly recommend anyone seeking a more comprehensive understanding of HIPAA Security Standards to take this course.
Detra Jackson, Telamon Corporation

CHPE Testimonials

The healthcare vertical continues to march towards an ever increasing digital delivery model. Along with this change arrives enhanced risk involving patient health information. It is the obligation of all stakeholders involved in the delivery of care and especially providers to maintain a high level of subject matter expertise concerning HIPAA and HITECH related compliance policies and procedures. The training I received from HIPAATRAINING.NET was up to date and relevant resulting in my ability to pass the CHPE exam. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining a more formal command of the relevant HIPAA Privacy related requirements. 
S. Vincent Grasso, D.O., Chatham, New Jersey
The online course and the manual are excellent materials to update prior HIPAA training and are also an excellent resource for novices in HIPAA compliance. The concise summary of the HIPAA provisions in the ARRA rules really focused its impact on existing HIPAA regulations.
Jean Beard, CCP
“The CHPE course gave me an excellent opportunity to develop my understanding of the past, present and future compliance issues associated with HIPAA. Each of the instructor’s presentations focused on the specific issues faced by covered entities, and the test questions allowed me to view the various regulations from the perspective of a DHHS investigator. I look forward to using the information I learned in developing my law practice and resolving the specific HIPAA-related issues of my healthcare clients.”
Amit Trivedi
HIPAA Training course has enhanced my knowledge of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule as it applies to, administrative, physical, and technical components in a work setting and actual application to work. This course is beneficially comprehensive; it covered Privacy and Security Rule, Code Sets, Use & Disclosure , Organizational and Individual, Relationships, Rights and responsibilities, and other HIPAA topics.
While taking this course I was factoring in and taking notes in the areas where our agencies needs improvement or areas that are neglected.

In addition, to being comprehensive this course also provides guidance in planning and implementation, such as compliance frame work, conducting a risk analysis, to creating or enhancing exiting policies and procedures. It seems most course merely throw you information and don’t provide you guidance or implementations. I was ecstatic on the section on policies and procedures as this is one of my duties. I plan to use this knowledge as a HIPAA Compliance Office and as the designated policy coordinator.
The information is current and provides “addendum” and links to those “moving targets” or ever changing information. It should be mentioned not only are the links current they work and are in not “sorry page not available” mode. I appreciated the graphics to further explain certain topics. The graphics help as some people are visual learners. The HIPAA “helpdesk” was always available and immediately responded to my email questions.

It is obvious this training was created by people from numerous disciplines; administrators, policy makers, judicial, behavioral health providers, doctors, etc……..
I highly recommend this HIPAA Training course it’s valuably comprehensive and critically applicable.

Joann Flanagan, M.Ed., LADC, NCACII, State of Nevada
Anyone seeking a more comprehensive understanding of the HIPAA and HiTech rules and regulations should consider taking the Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert course through the Supremus Group. After taking this course I have a better understanding of the administrative, physical and technical aspects of the HIPAA regulations enabling me to stay HIPAA compliant on the job.
Carol Cox, The Denver Hospice
I found the course to be extremely informative. I had basic HIPAA knowledge prior to this training. I now feel comfortable in my title as Privacy Office. The course material and handout information are excellent references. The instructor was very insightful and kept my interest throughout the program. This program was money well spent.
Phyllis Jacobs, RHIT, Yoakum Community Hospital
The course training was a very detailed, thought-provoking explanation of the HIPAA privacy requirements. The instructor was very knowledgeable of all aspects of the HIPPA privacy and security rules. The course has prepared me to address office, departmental and individual privacy issues.
Sue Hilkemeyer, Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
The instructor was as expert on the subject matter. He presented the material in a very interesting and understandable way. His presentation was extremely effective. The use of real life examples helped me to understand how the material would apply to my particular position at my company. The instructor had also taken time to understand our company and how it worked and was able to use examples specific to our particular jobs at MCHCP. The instructor allowed us to ask questions and still managed to stay on task and meet all deadlines. This course has allowed me to gain knowledge regarding HIPAA that I would not have gotten from other classes.
LeAnn Perkins, Missouri Consolidated Health Care plan
The HIPAA course is an extremely useful course for all in the healthcare industry. It provides an in depth look at the rule itself as well as the laws and regulations governing the rule. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable and provides the information in a methodical manner that is easy to follow. I have recommended this course and will continue to recommend this course to all my colleagues.

Thank you Bob for all of your support during this course.

Janice E. Durden, MBA, CCRA, NCGS Incorporated
The self-paced HIPAA certification and training is an excellent program for anyone in the Health Care profession. The instructor is very knowledgeable and gives real life examples that are easy to comprehend. I will highly recommend this course to colleagues who need to strengthen their knowledge of HIPAA.
Renee Greene, CCRP, NCGS Incorporated
The CHPE coursework is very intense. It covers all of the required elements that are needed to get you prepared for the final exam. I would highly suggest that you take sufficient notes during the course if you don’t purchase the book. I would highly recommend printing off the addendums. I was extremely pleased with the way the coursework was presented. If you are wanting to enhance your knowledge base, this course will definitely do that.
Thanks so much!!
Stephanie M. Giberson, RHIT, CHPE
The Comprehensive HIPAA Privacy and Intermediate Security Training class was well structured and thorough. The combination of the course book chapter reviews, PowerPoint presentation slides and instructor notes were extremely helpful and prepared me for the Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert (CHPE) certification exam. I’m confident I’ll excel in the Privacy related responsibilities associated with my new role.
Lisa Nitz

CHPA Testimonials

The course was very informative and detailed. It went through many different aspects of the HIPAA regulations and Omnibus Rule in which I haven’t had such thorough training before. I thought it was easy to follow and recommend it.
Brooke Duchene, MDS Medical
I am very impressed with the way that the information is presented for the certificate. This information is very important to me and it impressed me the way that this is presented. The explanation for this test is thorough. This is a great way of how to protect myself and companies.
Alecia Morrison
Having recently taken the HIPAA training and achieved the certification I would like to say that the course thoroughly covered the required content and helped me to fully understand the nuances of the privacy and security rules.
Derek Lonsdale
I am greatly satisfied with the course. The course was very well organized. I highly recommend this course to everyone who is working in healthcare industry. Now i can proudly say I understand HIPAA.

Thanks to Supremus Group team for wonderful course. Thanks Again.

Sunny Prasad
I found the “anytime” online training titled “Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA)” by – Supremus Group the most flexible, simple to understand, “learn at your pace” training covering more than basics of HIPAA including Privacy and security rules and is up to date with the ARRA’s HITECH act. Every terminology is explained and simplified with relavent examples. I found the ability to re-run through the training slides till I understood the concept to be the most useful one. The course has a high recall value and provides speedy yet effective, efficient and fast learning curve.

I strongly recommend this training to every stakeholder in Healthcare value chain, be it provider, payor, clearing houses, health plan administrators, legal practitioners, nursing and other paramedical staff, software vendors, government officials in healthcare administrations, etc.

More so in my country India, all the companies which are in the business of Medical Transcription, running BPO for claims processing, medical tourism or Healthcare IT software /Hardware vendors catering to the US healthcare market, I think this training would greatly benefit their workforce, and in turn to their business.

Dr Arti Mehta
The Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate training has been a great educational tool for me. I found the course practical, informative and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend the course to all insurance companies for their employees.
Greatly Appreciated,
Antoinette Champaco, Calvo's SelectCare
I had taken up Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) Training at
The course materials provided online was good and it is very user friendly. I had used windows and IPad to view online video course marital and it worked awesome. The Training metrical explains in depth of HIPAA Privacy Rule and HIPAA Security Rule.
I thank Supremus Group for doing wonderful job.
Chethan Kumar V., Teletrak Medical Transcription Inc.
“I believe the Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) training was very informative and helped me become more knowledgeable about the details pertaining to HIPAA’s regulations. This training was a great tool for my job. Now I feel confident regarding HIPAA regulations and how they apply to our company and other organizations. This knowledge will serve as a valuable resource in the years to come.”
Rhea E. Macaluso, Tokio Marine Pacifc, Ltd.
Even though I’ve been around the medical field my whole life, and had a small understanding on confidentially between patients and healthcare professionals, this course really helped me to understand it even more and how it should be handled. The course and the information in it was easy to understand and follow. What I learned will aid me greatly at my place of employment. For anyone who has to take this course as well, I would recommend it because of the clear and concise manner in which the course and information is presented.
Daniel Relly, National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM)
I just finished your HIPAA training course. I had to write and tell you how impressed I am with the course you have developed. It is easy to understand, informative, and kept my attention. I noted that you used both auditory and visual teaching techniques which are very effective. Once again, thank you for the great training course. I will be sure to use your company in the future for any training needs I might have that are available from you!
Paula Krueger, Teletrak Medical Transcription, Inc.
The Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) Training offered by Supremus Group LLC was the first formal HIPAA training I have received. This training was great! It was made even better by the fact that I could do it in the comfort of my home. Thank you Supremus Group LLC for offering this great training program!

Thank you, Mr. Mehta!

Rachel Lachat, AGY Huntingdon, LLC.
“I thought the training was helpful and presented in an easy to understand manner. I would recommend the CHPA on-line training to others who need to understand the fundamentals of HIPAA.”
Chris Bennett,
CHPA HIPAA Certification Course is a well-defined, concise-yet-detailed approach on understanding how HIPAA works and how it is relevant to your line of work. They even offer sound consultation on how a specific course would better fit your demands. A must for any startup business in the healthcare field.
Vincent Henson
This course provides lots of HIPAA awareness and both the chapters with audio is helpful to understand in detail with live examples.

I strongly recommend to all health care professionals and Business Associates to register and take these certifications. This will not only help you to certify but it will be great help in job as well.

Owais Ali (Allen), The Shams Group
The Course for the Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate is extremely helpful in the regards our company has a few Business Agreements with some Labs and other physicians offices and I learned that we need to monitor their employess security in our system as much as we monitor our own. I do believe I’m going to look into our New Employees go through this course or something similar so they will no the dos and don’ts regarding HIPAA and Security. 
Dawn Talley, CMC, Renal Specialists of Houston
I would recommend anyone who works in a healthcare setting, or who deals with HIT on a daily basis, to take this certification! I work for a HIT software company, and most of our employees have taken and benefited tremendously from this course. Educating all of our employees, so they have a full understanding of HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, will help our company make certain we maintain HIPAA compliancy when dealing with PHI.
Omeed Shams, The Shams Group (TSG)
The course was helpful by giving real life example of how the policies were applied. This was a good review of what HIPAA entails. I can truly say that I learned so much from this training.
Linda Fuentes, SJSU Student Health Center