The majority of Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plans that are written are not sustainable and modified. In less than a year these plans turn out to be ineffective because the staff has changed, vendors are different, and the resources necessary to get continue business operations have evolved. By maintaining the Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plans on a regular basis, the business will avoid the time required to create a plan from scratch and it will be ready whenever a disaster strikes.

The Revision and Maintenance Plan Template Suite contains guides, checklist, templates, sample, and examples necessary to create maintenance and revision to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.

  1. Testing & Revision Program (18 pages)
  2. Business Unit Plan Audit Checklist (16 pages)
  3. Application Plan Audit Checklist (7 pages)
  4. Database Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  5. Disaster Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  6. Network Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  7. Server Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  8. Telecom Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  9. Audit Notification Memo (1 pages)
  10. Plan Audit Final Report Template (1 pages)
  11. Example Business Unit Plan Audit Checklist (6 pages)
  12. Example Audit Notification Memo (1 pages)
  13. Example Plan Audit Final Report (2 pages)
  14. Example Plan Audit Follow Up Memo (1 pages)

Cost: $120

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