This data recovery backup document will assist you to generate data back up plan, data management, and data disaster recovery strategies/plan for the data center. This document also provides you a perfect data backup solution and will also address best practices for executing standards for the Device and Media Controls.

The Data Backup template suite contains following documents:

  1. Data Backup Plan Template (18 pages)
  2. Data Backup Plan Development Guide (11 pages)
  3. Example Data Backup Plan (19 pages)

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Data Backup Plan Template


The underlying principle of the Data Backup Plan is to provide data backup solution and to establish and put into practice measures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of vital data and related technology components that are essential for recovery activities. This document will define the following standards for organization backup processing:

  1. To provide a standard operating procedure for backup up organization data
  2. To provide a standard for labeling backup media
  3. To provide a standard for data retention
  4. To provide a standard for offsite storage and retrieval of backup media

The data backup plan permits the organization to meet the availability requirements of different regulatory compliance.

Table of Contents for Data Backup Plan Template





Data Backup Requirements


Backup Processing
Daily Incremental Backups
Weekly Full Backups
Weekly Full Backups
Daily Replication of Data


Scheduling and Backup Media Rotation
Tape Labeling
Retention Cycle
Tape Drive Cleaning
Backup Tape Testing


Data Backup Vendor
Offsite Storage Vendor


Appendix A: Tape Labeling Log
Appendix B: Data Backup Schedule
Appendix C: Backup Job Log
Appendix D: Tape Cleaning Log

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