Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a course of action such as planning, identifying, analyzing, establishing, implementing and evaluating the activities of an organization in order to trim down the existing risk to acceptable level.  To make the Enterprise risk management process a success, senior management commitment, effective data gathering tools, availability of key resources and access to critical data is required.

The scope of Enterprise Risk Management will help identify potential risks/threats and the vulnerability of the business to those risks.  The Enterprise risk management process provides the foundation for the entire Business risk management effort.  The objective of business risk management is to protect the business in the event that all or portions of its critical business operations are rendered unusable.  Each functional area of the business should be analyzed to determine the potential risk and impact related to various threats.

During the enterprise risk management, risks to the business will be identified and evaluated.  The vulnerability of the business to these risks will be rated.  You will also:

  1. Identify what prevention practices are being used
  2. Define and implement safeguards to mitigate risks
  3. Conclude the overall risk to the business
  4. Build a case for strategy selections

Once the assessment is completed, your business can make decisions regarding methods of mitigating risks.  By completing a Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis, a business can implement the best strategies for Business Resumption Planning.

Steps to Follow for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM):

  1. Identify Threats/ Risk and Vulnerabilities
  2. Analyze risks and determine vulnerability
  3. Identify mitigation and recovery options
  4. Evaluate and Choose Options
  5. Plan and Implement Preventative Measures

There are additional steps that need to take place during this process.  Some of those actions are:

  1. Review Internal Plans and Policies
  2. Meet with Outside Groups
  3. Identify Assets
  4. Conduct an Insurance Review

Our risk management templates are created based on best practices and standards for Business Continuity Risk Management. The complete risk management template package has Risk Assessment guidelines, worksheet, matrix, forms, tools, executive report, policies, and standards. Our risk management templates will help you to comply with following regulations and standards like HIPAA, FDA, SOX, FISMA, COOP & COG, FFIEC, Basel II and ISO 27002.

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List of documents in this Risk Assessment templates package:

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  2. Risk Assessment Template (17 pages)
  3. Risk Assessment Worksheet (17 pages)
  4. Preventative Measures (6 pages)
  5. Example Completed Risk Assessment Template (17 pages)
  6. Example Completed Risk Assessment Worksheet (17 pages)
  7. Final Risk Assessment Executive Management Report Template w/ Charts (20 pages)
  8. Final Facility Risk Assessment Report Template w/ Charts (15 pages)
  9. Example Final RA Executive Management Report (16 pages)
  10. Risk Assessment Policy (11 pages)
  11. Risk Assessment Standards (11 pages)
  12. Policy & Standards Instructions (3 pages)

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