This is a 56-page full-color HIPAA reference book for quick review on HIPAA Privacy, Security regulations, and compliance steps. This book is good reference material. if you need detailed information on any topics then we suggest you buy the HIPAA Certification Training Official Guide. Following are some of the page samples from the book.

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Table of Content


HIPAA Basics

  • Administrative Simplification
  • Covered Entities
  • Breach Notification
  • Penalties
  • Related Organizations
  • Compliance Timeline
  • DSMO
  • Transactions

HIPAA Standards

  • Transaction standards
  • Code sets
  • National Healthcare Identifiers
  • Key Terms
  • Treatment/Payment/Healthcare Operations

Privacy Standards

  • Privacy policy documents
  • Administrative requirements
  • Administrative requirements
  • HIPAA privacy solution: 14 steps

Security Standards

  • Security standard
  • HIPAA security categories
  • Key terms

Top Productivity Tips and Solutions

  • HIPAA related organizations

Privacy Rule


Privacy Basics

  • Privacy Basics
  • Key terms
  • Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Consent
  • Authorization
  • Policies and procedures
  • Flow of PHI/Demographic Information
  • Releasing PHI to third parties
  • Minimum necessary
  • Treatment/Payment/Healthcare Operations

PHI Use and Disclosure

  • Individuals’ (patients’) rights
  • Limited data set
  • Business associates
  • Business associate contracts (BACs)
  • Data use agreements

Privacy Solutions

  • Key steps
  • Administrative requirements
  • Organizational assessment
  • National Identifiers Rules

Security Rule


Administrative Safeguards

  • Key terms
  • Implementation specifications
  • General requirements of the Security Rule
  • Develop control requirements matrix
  • Administrative safeguard standards

Physical and Technical Safeguards

  • Physical safeguard standards
  • Technical safeguard standards

Other Requirements

  • Organizational requirements
  • Other standards
  • Security policy
  • Sanction policies

Compliance Methodology


Where to Start

  • Evaluation of existing regulatory requirements (state & federal)
  • Evaluation of existing business operations and technical environment
  • Inventory of critical functions, data, hardware, software and facilities
  • Inventory of existing controls
  • Develop control requirements matrix

Project Plan Development

  • Document project scope and required resources
  • Senior management buy-in
  • Detailed plan and milestone development
  • Forming the team
  • Educating the organization

Specific Compliance Tips By Rule

  • Privacy Rule
  • Security Rule
  • Transaction & Code Sets (TCS) Rule
  • National Identifiers Rules
  • Privacy Rule
  • Security Rule
  • Transaction & Code Sets (TCS) Rule
  • National Identifiers Rules

On-Going Requirements

  • Regular evaluation and risk analysis
  • Continuous engagement of workforce, business associates and trading partners
  • Web Resources

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