HIPAA Compliance for Company:

Employer Health Plan


Any organization involved in sponsoring and managing group health plan benefits for its employees.


HR benefits staff for employers who sponsor group health plans (self-insured and fully insured) for their employees such as medical health plans, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts, etc. 

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There are 4 main Steps to HIPAA compliance for an organization:

Step 1: Training

  • Comprehensive training for privacy security compliance officer (this is a requirement under the regulation. This person is responsible for ensuring you are HIPAA compliant)
  • Provide HIPAA Awareness Training on HIPAA privacy and security training for all employees with access to PHI.

Step 2: Compliance manual for HIPAA:  Create a manual for policies, forms, and procedures (only the compliance officer understands steps 2, 3, and 4 requirements as awareness training does not address these requirements, that is why you take 24-hour long training)

  • Conduct gap analysis for privacy rule and risk analysis as per the security regulation requirements
  • Create privacy and security policies
  • Complete the contingency plan as required in the security rule

Step 3: Hacker & Ransomware Protection: Implementation of safeguards to protect PHI & PII

  • Protect your computer network so it cannot be hacked (we will test your system like how bad guys try to break into your computer)
  • Install ransomware protection which monitors threats 24 x 7. (this is new generation protection that STOPS encryption of your network)

Step 4: Remediation and ongoing audit

  • The gap and risk found in your analysis (step 2) need to be corrected so you meet the compliance requirements
  • Conduct ongoing audits to ensure you are in continuous compliance.
As HIPAA compliance includes different steps to achieve compliance, it is difficult to give you the exact cost to achieve compliance. The cost depends on factors like, how many total employees, how many employees need to comprehensive level training, the finding of network assessment will decide remediation to address the issues found, findings of the security risk analysis will decide remediation to address the issues found, a total number of computer and devices required to be protected, etc. Following are some of the estimated costs based on assuming that you have not started anything for compliance for 10 employees’ company.

Step 1: Training

10 employees awareness training:             $225

One Compliance Officer Training:              $1200 (does not include any optional items)

Step 2: Compliance Manual

Compliance template package:                   $1890 (includes the following suit at a package price. You can buy them separately too)

  • Privacy Policy Templates: $300
  • Security Policy Templates: $495
  • Security Risk Analysis Templates: $495
  • Contingency Plan for BCP/DRP: $594
  • HIPAA audit: $300

Step 3: Ransomware Protection

Around $100 per device per year. Cost reduces if you have more devices to protect.

Step 4: Remediation and Ongoing Audit

This cost depends on the finding of the risk analysis and network vulnerability assessment.

Contact us and we can discuss the cost to give you an estimate based on your specific needs.

On average, you are looking at about 6 to 8 weeks assuming 20 hours per week for the compliance officer. The compliance officer will roll out the 1-hour Awareness training to the employees and then work on the compliance manual in parallel (1 week per template suite). Based on the findings of risk analysis, implementation timelines are determined. Normally it can range from 2-4 weeks.
If you have any questions, feel free to call us. We will be glad to explain the whole compliance process and guide you on the next steps. Call us on 515-865-4591.

HIPAA compliance is the main goal for a healthcare-related company to have necessary safeguards to protect the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI).  The HIPAA Privacy Rule provides federal protections for personal health information held by covered entities and gives patients an array of rights with respect to that information.

All healthcare organizations are required to comply with three main standards under an administrative section of the regulation.

  • Transactions, Code Sets, and Identifiers

Defines the standards for conducting electronic data interchange (EDI) and certain web-based (direct data entry or DDE) administrative health transactions.

  • HIPAA Privacy: The Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information

A major goal of the Privacy Rule is to assure that individuals’ health information is properly protected while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high-quality health care and to protect the public’s health and well-being.

  • HIPAA Security Rule:  Administrative, Physical and Technical safeguards

requires appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronically protected health information that is created, received, used, or maintained by a covered entity.

Our following steps and solutions will help companies to understand all the requirements of privacy and security rule so electronic data is protected while it is stored or transmitted due to the safeguards in place to comply with HIPAA.

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Certificate for Continuing Education Credits:

Students can buy a CE credits certificate for this course at the time of registration. You will receive 1.5 CE credit for this course through the Approved Provider of the California Board of Registered Nursing after completing the course.

Compliance Officer Training (25 hours duration):

This is comprehensive training for an employee/owner who is designated as a compliance officer. This person is responsible for ensuring that the company is HIPAA compliant.  After the training officer shall have a better understanding and will be able to oversee all ongoing activities related to the development, implementation, and maintenance of the practice/organization’s privacy security policies and standards in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.

This course is comprehensive in nature as the job role requires it. There is no shortcut to this training just like if you want to be a doctor, can you take the 1-year course and become MD? Our Client list will show why we are trusted by so many companies.

HIPAA Privacy Security Training

Cost: $1200 (Additional Options to buy: $300 printed manual of 700 pages, $19.99 full-color 56 pages overview manual, $99 CHPSE® practice test, $250 two hours of Instructor support, $180 unlimited CHPSE® exam attempts)


  • Avg Completion Time: 24-Hours
  • Format: Online Self-Paced Training
  • Audio: Yes
  • Access: Online Access for 180 Days
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes
  • Certificate Expiry: 3 Years
  • License: Single User


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CHPSE Training Demo

CHPSE Certificate Sample

HIPAA Privacy Security Training Sample Certificate

Print your HIPAA certification immediately online upon successful completion of each course

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HIPAA Certificate Sample

HIPAA Training Sample Certificate

Print your HIPAA certification immediately online upon successful completion of each course

Course Features

  • 24 x 7 access from anywhere for self-paced online courses
  • One course for $25 to meet privacy and security awareness training requirement
  • Courses created by HIPAA Expert with practical compliance experience and security expert
  • Course updated for HITECH, Omnibus rule, meaningful use, and breach notification
  • Instantly print or download Nationally Recognized Certificates
  • Complete your course in one hour and get a certification
  • Online course with audio and PowerPoint slides for easy understanding of training
  • American Disability Act (ADA) compliant course format and delivery
  • 56 pages printed color manual available for purchase
  • Online courses compatible with windows, apple, iPad, and other tablets
  • Option to upgrade to Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) credential. Spanish Version is available too for CHPA.
  • Complete compliance solution available based on your specific needs
  • Group, university, and Colleges discounts available
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support

Each student receives their own HIPAA certificate online immediately upon successful completion of the training in PDF format which can be printed, emailed, or saved for future use.

Expert-Level Professional Certification Courses

HIPAA Privacy Security Training


To avoid civil money penalties and criminal penalties related to non-compliance with HIPAA and other associated acts, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of these acts. With CHPSE, advanced training in the areas of HIPAA Security rule & Privacy rule is imparted. This type of training is critical for compliance officers, consultants, and business associates who work in the healthcare industry.


HIPAA Security Training


CHSE allows trained individuals to seamlessly implement the HIPAA Security rule in their organizations and protect the important health information of their clients. This training also includes elementary knowledge of the Privacy rule so that all the important bases are covered with respect to HIPAA compliance.


HIPAA Privacy Training


This certification is essential to have in-depth compliance knowledge of the HIPAA’s Privacy rule; through this training, you will also get a good understanding of the Security rule as well. CHPE training ensures that your employees are well-versed with the various aspects of the complex Privacy rule.




This is an entry-level certification that provides a basic understanding of HIPAA. CHPA training is targeted towards those individuals (new employees, students, etc.) who are only required to have a fundamental knowledge of HIPAA and not advanced. CHPA Course & exam are now available in Spanish also.


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