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We provide HIPAA compliance templates for HIPAA security risk analysis, HIPAA privacy security policies procedures, HIPAA audit and contingency planning.
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HIPAA Privacy Security Training with HIPAA Compliance Services Company

Supremus Group LLC, has served more than 3000 clients since 2006. We offer comprehensive HIPAA privacy security certification training updated for Omnibus, HITECH and meaningful use for covered entities and business associates. We offer certification training for HIPAA Privacy, Security and compliance for all different roles. We provide HIPAA compliance templates for HIPAA security risk analysis, HIPAA privacy security policies procedures, HIPAA audit and contingency planning.


Why take our HIPAA Courses to achieve Compliance?

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is responsible for enforcing the HIPAA regulations. With the HITECH omnibus rule of Jan 2013, penalties are increased for non-compliance based on the level of negligence with a maximum penalty of $1.5 million per violation.


How to select the training provider?

With hundreds of companies offering to train and certify in HIPAA, it is difficult to decide which company to select. As per the recent fines and penalties from OCR for non-compliance with regulation, the corrective action plan (CAP) requires HIPAA education. The primary step to compliance is to have the right level of training for employees hence it is the most important step to achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance.


OCR’s corrective action plan requires each workforce member who is required to attend training shall certify, in electronicor writtenform, that he or she received the training.The training certification shall specify the datetraining was received. All course materials shall be retained.


How to select the Training Course & provider to meet your learning objectives.

You can consider following points while select the course and training provider.


  1. Look for a company which offers 4-5 days Instructor led HIPAA training. This ensures that this company has the necessary expertise and their online training will also have good standards.
  2. Are you getting certification credential to help you excel in your career path and certification logo that you can add to your profile, resume etc.
  3. Look for testimonials from HIPAA compliance officers of large covered entities and business associates as they have done their due diligence.
  4. Ask for client list to see universities, government entities, hospitals, health plans etc. have done the training.
  5. A company should offer different level of training from one hour basic for 24 hours comprehensive level training
  6. A company should offer printed HIPAA manual for self-study
  7. Company should offer certification test which can be taken without the training.


Our Solutions for Online HIPAA Training & Certification

Our training is focused mainly on privacy rule, security and how to achieve compliance. We offer 4 different levels of HIPAA training based on the job role of the person. We offer training in following learning methods:


  • Instructor led HIPAA training
  • Instructor led online classroom HIPAA training
  • Online HIPAA training certification courses
  • Customized Online HIPAA training & certification.


To decide which learning method is ideal for you, please refer to HIPAA training methods comparison

We offer official training for following HIPAA Certifications in above mentioned training methods.



Our HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Comprehensive education is the first step towards achieving your compliance. We offer templates and consulting services to help you achieve compliance. Templates are updated for HITECH and Omnibus rule.


  • HIPAA Security Policies and Procedures Template
  • HIPAA Privacy Policies Template Suite
  • HIPAA Contingency Planning, BCP and BIA
  • HIPAA Security Risk Analysis/Assessment
  • HIPAA Security Audit & Evaluation


Why Select us for HIPAA Training, Certification & Compliance?

  • Courses created by HIPAA Expert with practical compliance experience and security expert
  • Three different learning methods available to suit your learning needs
  • Training offered based on job role – basic course of 1 hour to 24 hours for expert level courses
  • Online Course with Audio and PowerPoint slides for easy understanding of content
  • Printed manual available for comprehensive courses
  • 24 x 7 Access from Anywhere for online courses
  • Online courses compatible with Windows, Apple, iPad and other tables
  • Instantly print or download Nationally Recognized Certificates
  • After passing certification test, you can use the certification logo on your resume, profile, signature etc
  • Complete compliance solution available based on your specific needs
  • Group, university and Colleges discounts available
  • Unlimited Phone and email Support


What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996. This act was to bring sweeping changes to healthcare industry and was dream act of Ed Kennedy, one of the sponsors of the regulation. The effective compliance date of the Privacy Rule was April 14, 2003 & for Security Standards compliance date was April 21, 2005. Regulations were revised in 2009 with Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Omnibus rule for HIPAA was announced by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights on Jan 2013 with compliance date.


Who has to comply with Regulations?

Covered entities, business associates and sub-business associates are required to comply with HIPAA regulations.

HIPAA Compliance Training

Register for 4 days classroom training or 25 hours online on-demand training. READ MORE

HIPAA Privacy Certification Training

Register for 14 hours online on-demand training or 2 days classroom training. READ MORE

HIPAA Security Credential Training

Register for 17 hours online certification training or 2 days classroom training. READ MORE

HIPAA Compliance Templates

Buy individual suites from $300 or complete compliance toolkit for $1890. READ MORE


HIPAA Certification Training Class Testimonials

Courses created by HIPAA Expert

Instructors with practical compliance experience & security expert created these courses

Four Different Learning Methods

Customized onsite HIPAA training, Classroom, Live with instructor and online on demand to suit your learning needs

Customized Onsite Course Delivery

We can create training to meet your specific learning objectives and deliver it at your location

Training Offered Based on Job Role

Basic course of 1 hour to 24 hours for expert level for compliance team members

Online Course with Audio and Slides

Play, pause and listen to the training for easy understanding of HIPAA regulation

Printed Training Manual Available

700 pages manual for comprehensive courses & 56 pages color manual for overview courses


Authorized Training Partner for HIPAA Certification Training


Resell our HIPAA Certification courses to your clients. Bundle hipaa-training partneror products with your services and make your clients happy. Email Bob@Supremusgroup.com for more details.