HIPAA Training for Individuals:

Business Associates

Who Needs this Course?

Any single individual who works or will work in future for an company that offers services or products to healthcare entities, health plans, health insurance providers, or other business associates and will have access to protected health information (PHI).


Medical couriers, Medical billing, Business processing outsourcing (BPO) provider, Document/record storage, Medical transcription services, Insurance brokers (take a course designed for insurance brokers), Document disposal (shredding) companies, Answering services, CPAs, Third-party administrator (TPA), Software companies, Patient safety or accreditation organizations, Pharmaceutical representatives, e-prescribing gateways and other HIOs, Medical device manufacturers, Pharmacy benefit managers, Collection agencies, Attorneys, Health information exchanges (HIEs), Actuaries, Marketing services, Cleaning services, Asset recyclers, Researchers (if performing HIPAA functions for a covered entity), Accounting services firm, Auditors, Healthcare consultants, Financial institutions (if engaging in accounts receivable or other functions extending beyond payment processing), Cloud vendors, etc

Spanish HIPAA Business Associates Course Available

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Our Privacy Security Individual Training is for a single individual looking to obtain their HIPAA Awareness training certification to satisfy the training requirement under HIPAA and to provide to an employer/organization as proof of training before they can allow you access to their patient’s health information.

If you are an organization looking to train your employees, please go to the HIPAA for Company section, select the type of company and look for the tab of TRAINING: Employees and Compliance Officer.

Our HIPAA Awareness training course is meant to satisfy the training requirement under HIPAA and as such everyone who has access to protected health information must take this course. If you are going to be responsible for HIPAA privacy compliance or you are IT staff that will be involved in implementing HIPAA Security compliance (the IT part of HIPAA) at your organization, then you want to consider one of the three expert-level professional courses (CHPSE, CHSE, CHPE see below for more info). The HIPAA Awareness training contains an overview of HIPAA Security for the average person whereas the expert-level courses contain more detailed regulatory information for someone who has to be responsible for HIPAA compliance. Use the flow chart to decide which is the right credential for you from the following 4 certifications. Most individuals who want only the Awareness training course but want a credential for it will select the Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA).

As HIPAA is a federal regulation, it applies to all states. Our online training courses are valid for all US states and territories and meet and exceed the requirements for HIPAA training established by the federal HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security regulations.

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Certificate Sample

HIPAA Business Associate Sample CertificatePrint your HIPAA certification or save PDF upon successful completion of the course

Course Features

  • 24 x 7 access from anywhere for self-paced online courses
  • One course for $25 to meet privacy and security awareness training requirement
  • Courses created by HIPAA Experts with practical compliance experience and security expert
  • Course updated for HITECH, Omnibus rule, meaningful use, and breach notification
  • Instantly print or download Nationally Recognized Certificates
  • Complete your course in one hour and get a certification
  • Online course with audio and PowerPoint slides for easy understanding of training
  • American Disability Act (ADA) compliant course format and delivery
  • 56 pages printed color manual available for purchase
  • Online courses compatible with windows, apple, iPad, and other tablets
  • Option to upgrade to Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) credential. Spanish Version is available too for CHPA.
  • Complete compliance solutions are available based on your specific needs
  • Group, university, and Colleges discounts are available
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support

Each student receives their own HIPAA certificate online immediately upon successful completion of the training in PDF format which can be printed, emailed  or saved for future use.

HIPAA Awareness for Business Associates Course Outline:

This course covers the following topics in this awareness training:

  • Refresher on HIPAA
    • Definition: Health information
    • Health Information: Sets and Subsets
    • Covered Entities
    • Business Associates
    • Contracting Arrangements
    • Information Covered: Privacy Rule
    • Information Covered: Security Rule
    • Minimum Necessary
    • Required Retention Documentation
    • Civil Penalties
    • Criminal Penalties
    • HIPAA Security Rule – Overview
    • Administrative Standards
    • Additional Standards
    • Rules for the BA’s
    • Business Associate Contracts
  • Business Associate Close-Up: All BA Services and Support Providers
    • Business Associate: BA Agreements
    • Examples of potential exposures:
    • Examples of required steps and possible solutions:
    • Points to remember
  • Yesterday: Review: Breaches & Fines
    • Previous Breaches & Fines
    • Lessons – Learned?
    • Ramifications
    • Documentation
    • Event Response & Risk Assessment
  • Tomorrow: What the Future May Hold
    • Audits: Planned Approach & Expectations
    • Outcomes and Trends
  • Summary
  • Next Steps

Course Cost: $25.00

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  • Course Completion Time: 1 Hour
  • Format: Online Self-Paced Training
  • Audio: Yes
  • Access: Online Access for 60 Days
  • Certificate of Completion: Yes
  • Certificate Expiry: 2 Year
  • Option to Buy Printed Book: Yes
  • License: Single User

Certificate for Continuing Education Credits:

Students can buy CE credits certificate for this course at the time of registration. You will receive one CE credit for this course through Approved Provider of California Board of Registered Nursing after completing the course.

Expert-Level Professional Certification Courses

HIPAA Privacy Security Training


To avoid civil money penalties and criminal penalties related to non-compliance with HIPAA and other associated acts, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of these acts. With CHPSE, advanced training in the areas of HIPAA Security rule & Privacy rule is imparted. This type of training is critical for compliance officers, consultants, and business associates who work in the healthcare industry.

More On CHPSE Course

HIPAA Security Training


CHSE allows trained individuals to seamlessly implement the HIPAA’s Security rule in their organizations and protect the important health information of their clients. This training also includes elementary knowledge of the Privacy rule so that all the important bases are covered with respect to HIPAA compliance.

More On CHSE Course

HIPAA Privacy Training


This certification is essential to have in-depth compliance knowledge of the HIPAA’s Privacy rule; through this training, you will also get a good understanding of the Security rule as well. CHPE training ensures that your employees are well-versed with the various aspects of the complex Privacy rule.

More On CHPE Course

Basic HIPAA Training


This is an entry-level certification that provides a basic understanding of HIPAA. CHPA training is targeted towards those individuals (new employees, students, etc.) who are only required to have a fundamental knowledge of HIPAA and not advanced. CHPA Course & exam is now available in Spanish also.

More On CHPA Course

Other Versions

Training Courses for OSHA and Medicare

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Hazard Communication Training

Course Duration: 30 minutes. Cost: $25. (self-paced with audio)

Cost: $25 Buy Globally Harmonized System Now

Medical Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training Course for Medicare/Medicaid

Course Duration: One and a half hours. Cost: $25. (self-paced with audio)

Cost: $25 Buy Medical Fraud, Waste and Abuse Course Now

Online Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Course Duration: 1 hour. Cost: $25. (self-paced with audio)

Cost: $25 Buy Bloodborne Pathogens Course Now

Social Engineering CyberSecurity Awareness Course for All Employees

Course Duration: One and a half hours. Cost: $45. (self-paced with audio)

Cost: $45 Buy CyberSecurity Awareness Course Now

Access the training on your Windows PCs, computerApple Macs, iPads, iPhones, Android Tablets, Android Phones, and

Complete your training online on any device, anywhere,
anytime 24 x 7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individual Training

We provide various HIPAA Training Courses that starts from $25 to $3,200 depends on the type of requirement you are looking for.
Call us to guide you for the best course option that will be beneficial for you.


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